Matt Pontin

General Manager

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A Human Resources professional with expertise in change management, talent optimisation and attraction. A Business Transformation Professional with a passion for continuous improvement, process enhancement, technology innovation and developing people.  I love to help businesses grow, improve and attract both customers and talent.

Competent with both start-up operations and change management in established businesses;

I focus on “finding the how”. I recognise the critical impact of talent management upon bottom line profit, enjoy leading and advising cultural change and am a firm believer in demonstrating customer value and return on investment with all of the projects I undertake.

Business success is driven and led by inspiring people capability, having the best most efficient systems and processes and constantly striving to transform and evolve by utilising technology and social media to create meaningful connections in business.

Reg Price

International author

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Reg Price is Co-founder, Director and Value Maximiser at MirrorWave, a unique approach which unlocks relationship potential by following, listening and responding to people over time.

Formerly, Reg worked as an advisor on customer strategy and has worked for clients in a variety of sectors to find new sources of customer management effectiveness and productivity.

He has published a range of specialist articles in and around the topic of customer management, customer focus and reliability, and published his first book on the topic in the US, co-authored by Prof Don Schultz of Northwestern University.